Naughty Games are the best games to have some good time and indulge in some of our naughty fantasies! There are so many kinds of games- from trying to tease women without getting caught to being a flirting waitress at a bar! Here are some other naughty games that you would simply love:

Naughty Yearbook: How many times had you wished that you could pay back the guy, even if it is on the last day of college, who had always given you trouble throughout the semesters? Or how would you like to pay back the blonde cheerleader who always used to strut about and make the other girls uncomfortable? Here is your chance. From sticking her dress with glue to the bench, to making a bird dirty her dress, to splash water on her transparent gown, this game is one funny game.

Detective Jealous: This game is for those who love to pry on their girlfriends and boyfriends whenever they go out of sight.

The detective jealous roams with his camera and tries to click on the intimate moments the girlfriend of boyfriends share with other partners, only to show them as proof.

Naughty Wedding Game: Although the wedding day is the best day in the life of a girl, sometimes there is always someone to ruin her plan. Step into the role of Bridezilla and go on a hideous spree to ruin the bride’s day. From setting her bouquet on fire to replacing her ring with a snake, from electrocuting her to making her trip on the dance floor, this is one is the apt one to tickle your funny bone.

Naughty Supermarket: Scaring and catching strangers off guard is the job of a real prankster and you can do exactly that in this rib tickling game.

Step into the shoes of a wicked boy and ruin the blonde’s perfect shopping day. Drop a sack of flour on her head, rip off her dress by getting it stuck in the refrigerator, make her trip and fall all you like in this very naughty game.

All these naughty games mentioned here are very simple to play. The player usually has to cross two or three simple levels to win and there are constant hints to guide the player which are shown just by rolling over the mouse. So indulge your fantasies and attempt all the naughty tricks that you have always wanted to play on others.

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