Hooliganism has been always the biggest issue on the table in football matches especially with Ghana GPLsome few matches to draw curtains on the Ghana Glo premiership 2012/2013 season.

The rate at which hooliganism occurs lives much to be desired just because a team in one way or the other feels they deserves to be in the top finish or avoid relegation by way of supporters intimidating officials on duty hence creating mayhem.

Hooliganism does happen but it does not mean it cannot be wipe out. Ghana solemnly remember unfortunate death 0f 126 people in May, 2001 when Hearts Of Oak engaged Kotoko in a league match which promised to good showmanship but later turned to be a horror scene.

Twelve years past fans have still not wake up and learnt a lesson from such incidence rather some notorious ones with their dislocated ignorance of the laws of game go on rampage on goes scot free for their teams to face the full effects of the law.

After a wonderful and spectacular display of qualify football during the super clash between Hearts Of Oak and Kotoko a fortnight ago at the Accra Sports Stadium, most football lovers thought such standard would continue among clubs but is just opposite.

Over the years, meting punishment on clubs especially where supporters addresses their concerns by way of causing crowd violence due to what they term as ?bad officiating? and this must not be entertain any at the various league grounds.

Obviously, ban on Dwarfs and RTU this season for similar crowd mishap appears did not send any signals to the rest as fans keep on enjoying the hooliganism spree. In other words playing home matches away was not a heavy punishment and that has been one of the causes of hooliganism at the stadia.

Just within a space of days, hooliganism or crowd violence was recorded during matches between Kotoko and Medeama- where fans of Kotoko unleashed different sizes of objects against officials likewise security personnel and this did no end there.

Then some days, another massive violence broke out again at the Berekum Golden City where Arsenals lock horns against Kotoko in match Kotoko won convincingly by 3-0.

As it stands now, football fellows are awaiting the sort of disciplinary actions to be taken against Kotoko and Arsenals.

The question is; does a club always prepare supporters for crowd violence during specific league matches?

Certainly not! For all you know these fans might not necessarily even be members of the said club yet they pave way for crowd violence.

It is high time the ethics committee of the Ghana Football Association adopt critical and heavy form of arbitration against vandalism among supporters who decide to go on rampage than the clubs who always find themselves innocent from such hooliganism.

In effect, hooliganism would scare spectators from visiting the stadium if improperly dealt with.

If security personnel are disguise to be in the mix of supporters at the stands, it would expose all those law breakers who always troop to the stadium to perpetuate hooliganism.

Again there should enough cameras at the various league centers to bring these law breakers to book to serve as deterrent to others.

Hooliganism does not augur well for Ghana as clubs are punished for actions orchestrated form their fans.

I feel so sorry for clubs who face ?such charges ,however is not too late to for the Ghana Football Association and stakeholders to rally behind measures to descend heavily on hooligans than clubs put in a hell.

By Ebenezer Zor (ezee)

email: [email protected]

Mob: +2330201174297


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