This country is one that you should surely visit to get information on how various inventions started up and to see a quest on knowledge that an ancient city and its inhabitants had. The acropolis and the Parthenon is one place that you could take a visit to when in Athens, Greece. It will offer you a chance to glimpse on beautiful sights. You will be able to see Athens and the temples in it from the point. There is a new museum built in the area that is worth seeing in person for a rich culture.

For a rich look into the culture of Athens, then you want to make a visit to the National Archaeological Museum. The history on civilization and the Mycenaeans and Minoans history is in existence and ready for narration to any listening ear. There is also the national gallery that exists in Greece and it carries plenty of samples of artwork from early Greece for exhibitions.

Contemporary arts of the region are also in place for exhibition.

The Cape Sounion and the temple of Poseidon is another location that you could choose to visit. Many locals and tourists love this location and be assured that you will love it too. Carrying out a visit to the place especially in the afternoons of a summer period offers one great sights to look at. Looking at the sunset at this point is a great view to behold. The area has a laid out ancient Greek monument in the form of an ancient temple that is a bit ruined. You can also get a good view of the sea from this manmade monument.

Going to Mount Athos offers you an opportunity to learn plenty there is to know about monasteries. You will get a chance to look at 20 eastern Orthodox monasteries and the beautiful look that they have over the cliffs.

The building of the monasteries was carefully done, artistically leaving the walls to tower over the edges of the cliff. You will learn plenty from the monasteries that hosted over 1000 monks. In addition to the monasteries, there lies the Mystras, which was the capital of Peloponnesus in early dates around the 14th and 15th centuries. The site portrays beautiful work of stone that hosted the emperor and relatives during the early years. It carried a history of inhabitance even by the Ottoman and it still stands in place leaving behind very beautiful ruins for a gaze.

Entertainment is important and it may be among the reasons you decided to get to Greece; entertain yourself. The historical times also experienced plenty of entertainment that led to the building of the Delphi Theatre. It is like a huge stadium of the modern day but built in stone and in a great design. The ruins leave behind a spectacular place to visit. You should not miss this top tourist attraction. 

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