Throughout the years, I have watched the Ghanaian music industry grow. It has developed in many different ways; there are more artists coming out, different genres of music are being produced and there is a big improvement in sound and picture quality when it comes to the music videos.

Sarkodie has won the first BET award for Ghana, but through all these positive growth, it seems Ghanaians are somehow beginning to lose their morals and relegating the cultural relevance of music to the background.

Over the years I have realised that Ghanaian music videos have become more explicit. A lot of the popular videos I have watched recently have had women dressed in a provocative manner.

The Ghanaian culture is very conservative and does not promote women dressing in revealing clothes, but some of the artists from this generation seem to have forgotten that aspect of our existence.

These days, a lot of Ghanaian videos focus on the physical assets of women, big bums, big breasts, short clothing and promiscuous sexual behaviour. Am I the only one who finds these things degrading to women? Hope not!

Some of the popular videos I do not feel comfortable watching as a young woman are; Sarkodie-Azonto Fiesta, D-black Vera, 4?4- World Trade Centre and Tinny-Anaconda.

Although these artists are very good and have some great videos, I still cannot get the messages they seek to deliver with some of their over-sexualizing of women music videos.

When you compare the videos I mentioned above to those of Kojo Antwi- Nfa me nko ho, Ofori amponsah-Araba Lawson, Obrafour-Yaanom and Obour-Obour, the question that quickly comes to mind is; what type of example are some of these influential artists of today setting for the next generation? Are they trying to set a precedent that women are only good for their physical attributes?

And to the women that are featuring in these raunchy videos, must we do this to be able to earn our daily bread? What legacy are we living for the young upcoming video girls?

Women are not objects and we should not allow ourselves to be portrayed as such. Videos can be just as interesting without so much erotic exposure.

Look at videos like Gasmilla?s Abdatooi, Fuse?s Azonto, Keche?s Lunguntugui and see how interesting they are without any of these over exposed women.

Times are changing and the Ghanaian society is becoming more westernised, but let us not forget our culture, morals and values. Not Just the entertainment industry but we as a nation need to pave the right way for the next generation.

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