We are all aware of mausoleum word, it is nothing just a sort of holy building for us. When we hear about any mausoleum; an image of a person is seemed in our mind that is not in this world. Actually mausoleum is the only place for us where we can go and remember the deceased person who had been buried there. The only motive to build a mausoleum is to feel the deceased person, follow ones talks and mainly remember that person for a long time. Only two religions believe in building mausoleum-Muslims, Christians besides it Hindus and Sikhs don’t believe to build a mausoleum. There may be a mausoleum for more than one person, in other words sometimes more than one person is buried in a single building.Mausoleums can be categorized into two types – Community Mausoleum and Private Mausoleum. To build a mausoleum is very expensive, so sometimes people order to build a small mausoleum on the private property or the cemetery ground that kinds of mausoleum are known as private mausoleums. These are also known as families’ mausoleum where only the family members come and remember. The cost of mausoleum depends upon the material that is going to be used. The people like to use marble and granite in building a mausoleum for its long life. If anyone orders for building a private mausoleum, then the builders use the other concrete material according to the budget. There are two or three mausoleums that come under the wonders of the world because of the beauty and long life. In the ancient time, the people used to believe in mausoleums more than this time. The mausoleum cost is as much as type of material is used to build it and the density of area where it is built.The people of any religion are allowed to visit only some community mausoleums. Actually there are so many mausoleums where only the people from according community are allowed to enter and remember the deceased one. Because of the higher mausoleum price everyone is not able to order to build a private mausoleum. So they go for the community mausoleum and ask for the crypt of their loved one. Some mausoleums are built on the cemeteries land where the capacity of burial is good around hundreds. Actually people want to build a mausoleum to show their love for the deceased one and keep to remember that person again and again. The mausoleum builders show the love among the people and help us to live in a lovely manner with each other. Mausoleums work as in many ways sometimes holy place, sometimes a tourist place or sometimes a motivating place.

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