Ambassador Babacar Thiam, an Islamic Scholar, has called on Muslims to embraced harmonious and peaceful co-existence within the society.

He said Muslims should be the pacesetters and role models in ensuring a hitch-free and peaceful environment.
Ambassador Thiam made the call in an interview with the Ghana News Agency in Accra on Wednesday.

‘The citizens are hereby reminded that we can all make the desired progress only in the atmosphere of peaceful co-existence’, he said.

Ambassador Thiam who is also an ‘Ambassador of Peace in Africa’ said investor confidence could be boosted if there was peace in the land, adding that they would be encouraged and willing to bring in the much-desired capital to establish industries which would provide jobs for the youth.

He said no progress is recorded where there is war, acrimony, turbulence and upheaval.
‘There must be love among all tribes. We equally belong to Allah and any harm done to one is done to all’, he said.

Ambassador Thiam called on all heads of government ministries, departments, parastatals and agencies to ensure equal opportunity for all and eschew nepotism, tribalism and favouritism to ensure a peaceful atmosphere.

He said it was generally known that one of the harbingers of peaceful co-existence among peoples and among nations was justice, adding that justice prevents anarchy and that a nation that desires peace must embrace justice as well and ensure that all its citizenry are made to practice justice, he added.


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