The Coalition of Muslim Organizations, Ghana (COMOG) is saddened by the prolonged impasse between between government and doctors in the country which has resulted in a strike.


In a press statement copied to, the muslims are urging doctors to release how precious human lives are and return to the hospitals while negotiations continue.

Below is the full statement by COMOG


We thank the Almighty Allah for his Grace of peace in our Nation and another opportunity to reach out to the people on the crucial matter of our collective well-being and health

The Coalition of Muslim Organizations, Ghana (COMOG) expresses deep regret at the seeming impasse in the negotiations between Government and the Ghana Medical Association over doctors? demands on condition of service for public sector doctors who are on strike and threaten to resign en masse.

Whilst precious time is lost over controversies that riddled the negotiation from the onset, the entire nation including Government and the GMA know very well and agree that the crucial issue that cannot wait is the well-being and health of the nation as a common commitment.

COMOG is of the view, that, the Doctors who have chosen to stay here especially those in the Public sector deserve our gratitude as a people.

On behalf of its 151 component bodies nationwide, COMOG appeals to the Government and the GMA to avail themselves of time tested Godly meditation to arrive at a settlement for the sake of our anxiety-beaten populace and for humanity.

It is not a time of establishing merits and demerits of claims, but forging a concerted effort at procuring the virtue of compromise to prevent needless loss of innocent lives that cannot be restored.

The Coalition of Muslim Organizations, Ghana (COMOG) who has some of its members as part of GMA is therefore appealing to all doctors to end the strike and return to work. We also urge the Government to adopt a posture that will encourage the GMA to return to the negotiation table.

Finally, we appeal to both the Government and the GMA to reframe from making any statement capable of further escalate the current polarised situation in which they find themselves.
Thank You.

Hajj Abdel Manan Abdel Rahman
(General Secretary)


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