Eid al-Adha

?As Muslims we have experienced many problems in accessing credit because Allah does not allow us to pay or take interest,? said Hajj Amiru Kamanyire , a mobilizer for the Muslim savings and credit organization.

During Eid prayers at Muhorro Mosque, Kamanyire said that many Muslim business people have lost their property because of the hardships involved.

He said that if government allows the Islamic banking system to operate, many will benefit and the economy will grow.

Kamanyire said that the environment in which they are operating is not conducive for the Muslims because of the requirement of interest on loans acquired.

The government of Uganda has not allowed the Islamic banking system to operate in Uganda but promising to table it before Parliament for approval.

The Islamic Banking system does not allow interest on loans because it is forbidden according to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Meanwhile, the head of Islamic preaching in Kibaale district, Sheikh Isaac Ssemakula asked Muslims not to trust politicians because they keep changing their goal posts.

?I am advising you not to trust politicians because they cannot stick to their promises and pledges,? said Ssemakula.

He said that politicians are riding on people?s ignorance for personal gains.

Ssemakula however, asked the Muslims to actively participate in politics to determine development.

?Do not leave active politics but be sensible enough while supporting so that you are not derailed from Allah,? said Ssemakula.

Mrs. Tibaleka, wife to Uganda?s Ambassador to Germany asked Muslims to elect able leaders such as President Museveni for the development of the country.

?We have President Yoweri Museveni who was given to us by God as a gift so, we should not let him go,? she said.

Denis Namara, the senior presidential advisor on youth Affairs asked Muslims to vote wisely if they are to benefit from the NRM government.

?When you elect a person for 10 years he/she has nothing to show then, they cannot be good leaders,? Namara said.

By Ismael Kasooha Kibaale, The New Vision


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