Amidst fears Nigeria may descend to the classification of a fail State owing to the spate of uncontrolled religious violence against the members of the Christian fold and of Southern origin, more religious violence in the commercial city of Kano appear to further heighten the fear.

Information available to indicates that two Igbo traders were attacked by irate Muslim Youths yesterday at the Kofa Ruwa Market.

The attack took place by 1pm when a group of motorbike riders [about 30] rode into the Kofa Ruwa Market which is dominated by a mix of south-Westerners and south-Easterners with some presence of Hausa traders.

The riders assembled at an area were building rods were sold ? an area largely dominated by south easterners ? and began firing shots up into the air while screaming Allah is Great in their native language.

One of the youths dashed into one of the shops ? in a manner that scared the shop owner and clerk into running for their lives. As the store owner, a male attempted to run, he was shot twice. The clerk, a female, was shot once.

Both were reported to be critically injured. They are receiving treatment at a nearby medical center.

The incident has left the Igbo community in Kano in high tension. Airing his take on the incident was the leader of the Igbo Community in Kano, the President of Ohaneze Ndigbo Kano Chief Tobias Idika. He expressed a mixed feeling of grief and anger. ?Our people cannot be dying like chickens here. The leaders have to tell us what they are doing to protect Ndigbo in Kano. We are tired of promises from them. We are angry. Something must be done?.

Chief Idika went to add that the Igbos contributes immensely to the internally generated revenue of Kano State ? we help develop many areas of Kano into economic centers of trade.  ?How can we be repaid like this? cried the Igbo leader.

However, all efforts to reach to the JTF spokesperson Lieutenant Ikediche Iweha, proved abortive as his phones was not answered.

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