Barclay Primary School in Leyton, east London, has banned pupils from attending school if they are fasting for Ramadan

The school (above) said it had seen pupils faint and fall ill in previous years as a result of not eating all day

Barclay Primary School bans Muslim pupils from Ramadan fasting in Leyton. they mentioned health reasons for their decision, they added that they had to consult Muslim scholars on the issue, before they came up with the decision.

Responding to comments from parents, the School said ?We are reliably informed that in Islamic Law, children are not required to fast during Ramadan, only being required to do so when they become adults.?

The School authorities told parents that many pupils fainted and became ill while observing the Ramadan fast last year.

Tthe Muslim Association of Britain said?However, we believe that this determination should be decided by parents with their children; who can together reach a collective decision whether or not the child can fast.?


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