The leader of the Tijaniya Muslim Council of Ghana, Alhaji Ahmed Abul Faidi Maikano Jallo, has expressed grave worry over what he describes as day light robbery during the organisation of their annual pilgrimage to Mecca, known as Hajj.

He alleged that some so-called Muslim leaders indirectly cheat and deprive the poor and youth of the Muslim society the right to participate in the Hajj, knowing very well that the pilgrimage was meant to support Muslim’s physical and spiritual development.

“We all know that the Hajj is meant to support the development of the Muslim youth but it is now thrown to the rich and well-known Muslims in power while the poor are not considered even when they apply for it.”

He therefore called on the Professor Mills-led National Democratic Congress (NDC) government to, as a matter of urgency, ensure that the management and operations of the Hajj is depoliticised.

Alhaji Jallo expressed these reservations on Monday at the national launch of this year’s Qur’anic recitation held at the GNAT hall in Kumasi.

The Qur’anic recitation is an annual prayer which is said to Allah to seek peace and mercies for the country and Muslim societies.

The program was thus attended by a cross-section of Muslims.

The Tijaniya Muslim Council leader minced no words while touching on the violent nature of the some of their youth making people associate their religion with thuggery.

He stated that Muslim leaders have failed to leave up to expectation as they encourage and or allow the youth be used during elections eras as trouble-makers instead of ensuring that these young energetic men attain the best in formal education.

Suggesting how the Muslim religion and communities could lift their image in the eyes of Ghanaians and gain respect thereof, Alhaji Jallo urged all Muslim youth to embrace formal education since it is one of the surest ways to uplift their image.

“Muslim youth are barely recognised when it comes to education or good deeds but are always known for all manner of anti social-vices in the country,” which, according him, is due to lack of encouragement from leaders and parents to their wards to participate in formal education.
Alhaji Jallo advised the youth to participate in the recitation of the Qur’an and say no to all politicians who would want to use them in their selfish plans of acquiring power.

He also appealed to all politicians and religious leaders to contribute their bit by being circumspective in their comments as it could destroy the efforts made to ensure peace in the country.
“I am appealing to all politicians to help keep the democracy which is envied by other nations across the world by putting an end to the politics of insults which is almost destroying the peace and harmony in the country…Individuals should put it at the back of their minds that they are
Ghanaians first before politicians and the love of Ghana should be their passion in this year’s elections,” he stated.


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