Omgghana has noticed that of late the manner in which celebrities present themselves is becoming out of hands. The rap doctor has also added his voice to this indecent act. Musicians at times forget they are role models for the younger once and they put up any dress they think will make them be like their colleagues in different  countries. He said most gospel musicians hide under the umbrella of being gospel musicians and run away from culture .


They brand themselves as gospel musicians but they don?t dress as such. The problem of Ghanaian musicians is the perception that people have about them and musicians created that idea. Because of how they dress and talk people also  think ahave a bad character. When a musician wants to marry a responsible man?s daughter, the question he will ask is, apart from music what else do you do? The man thinks musicians apart from the money they have doesn?t live any good life that will be well emulated by his or children. Because of their hair cut and sagging pants. Who will like his or her daughter to marry such a person? And to the female musicians he advised them they shouldn?t let the external forces to push them to dress too much, wear short skirts, put on too much make ups and try to do the lady gaga thing. The versatile man said all these on the mid morning mix on luv fm with Anita when he was asked whether he has heard of Diamond?s suicide story. He easily remembered  Diamond when she  was described as Lady Gaga. Okyeame kwame made it known that Becca is the female musician that he thinks dresses good when he was asked of his best dressed musician. This is not the first time a musician is saying this.

The aluguintuguin boys,keche when giving their top five music divas also putted becca at number one.So omgghana will agree with BRA(Best Rapper Alive)  when he says so. He further on explained that Becca tries to be classic, sexy, exhibits the Ghanaian culture in her music and doesn?t  allow the environment to pressure her.  When the bomb was thrown to him asking who he thinks dresses too much this is what he said ?I know the answer am going to give will bring me troubles but for  the sake of objectivity I think Mzbel? Building brands depends on soo many things like relevance ,identification and differentiation he added. Musicians should check on how they dress and their activities because the younger once out there are looking upon them as their role model so if this kind of indecent act are exhibited, what do they  want them to lern?. The music for development award winner agreed to the fact that musicians at times want to hype themselves when they think they  have been away from the scene for a long period of time and their fans have missed them.

OKyeame  kwame advised his fellow musicians to check on their dresses and other things they do behind these scenes because journalist are all around and they shouldn?t forget of their culture either.

Okyeame Kwame who is in Kumasi to promote his Clinic album has been on so many radio stations talking about himself and his album and Ghanaian music as a whole

Source : omgghana


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