Ras makunja
Ras makunja

Tanzania has regained its lost glory in world of music fame that has dwindled since the eighties.

Ras makunja
Ras makunja
When the name of Tanzania is currently mentioned in international music circles the name of Ebrahim Makunja popularly known as kamanda Ras Makunja of FFU and his “The Ngoma Africa Band” aka FFU based in Germany cannot be slighted. FFU has earnestly strived to place Tanzania in the international music charts.

It is the only Tanzanian band that is based overseas. Its contribution in the music industry both in Tanzania, East Africa and abroad is superb. The band has often been able to bring its records to radio stations back at home.

Many of their hits touch the souls of their fans. Two of their hits, which are very popular in local radio stations and contained in “La Mgambo ” CD are “Bongo Tambarare”, and single CD “Mapenzi ya Pesa”. songs are composed by band leader Kamanda Ras Makunja.

He pairs in singing with the comical solo guitarist Chris-B. Apart from the well composed lyrics and the highly perfected musical beat the songs carry very strong and emotional messages to the community. Their messages are acclaimed not only in Tanzania but world all over.

Ras Makunja of FU, is not only a seasoned tactful and artistic composed. He too has visionary messages to the society. To call him Kamanda (Commander) Ras Makunja is not demeaning him.

He ensured that two of his CDs including “Bongo Tambarare″ which claimed global fame reached more than 310 radio stations in the world. This CD earned him the mark of being a hard headed musician from some quarters.

His band now dubbed FFU (Fanya Fujo Uone) literally means creates chaos and see, immediately came up with a CD “Anti Corruption Squad” which has the song “Rushwa ni Adui wa Haki”. The fans see this song as the Al-Albadir of the corrupt.

The song was a smash hit within Tanzanians. It placed Ras Makunja and his band ‘Ngoma Africa’ not only as ordinary musicians in the musical arena. They had something else to offer the society apart from the usual entertainment. Visionary eye opening and soul searching messages.

Yet despite all this no one seems to realize the onerous task that this musicians does. They have never been ordained with a single medal here at home. As a popular Swahili goes “Asiyekuwepo na lake halipo” (He who is not there (present) so is his/her share). Ras Makunja and Ngoma Africa may not be with us, but his works and messages are!