By Edmund A. Sakyi

It is without doubt that the media has played an undeniably important role in propagating agenda geared towards the growth, for purpose of this article, of music. Okyeame Kwame is arguably one of the most influential musicians in the Ghana Music Industry who oftenly uses the media to propagate his thoughts as a way of generally effecting positive impressions.

He has stated that Africa creates ?our own international platforms so that we can propagate our agenda to the rest of the world.? He said this in an article on his blog http://ok.ghanaweb.com/ titled 57 YEARS AFTER INDEPENDENCE; IS OUR MUSIC INDEPENDENT?

Okyeame Kwame, who is the first hiplife musician in Ghana to be appointed as brand ambassador of a bank, looks at the reliance of especially African music and videos on foreign media as a move which limits originality since owners of such platforms take other forms of art and ideology similar to theirs. ?This is to opine that our musicians will now have to select according to the agenda ignoring originality, because the more original you are, the more alienated you will be from these platforms that can promote your music,? he said. He questions the fact that Africans haven?t any international platforms on which African artistes can spread and perpetuate the African culture and make Africa compete in this global village.

He however advises that Africans must bring up more youth Pan African activists and create a network of role models and local leaders who are Pan African Activists to remind our youth of the importance of selecting originality. He also stated, ?We need to establish a Pan African television network that seeks to put Africa in the same light that BBC put Britain, and also seeks to correct the negative perception created by Western media about Africa and Africans. It will also be in a position to always remind us of the rich cultural heritage because without the media we will not have an artistic independence even after 57 years of independence.?

Being that he again says his desire is to see our generation develop positively, Okyeame Kwame says his hope that his blog goes a long way of sharing his thoughts to the public on how best the good of our society will be sustained.


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