Ghanaian Music Producer Slams Musicians For Exploiting Young Producers

Ghanaian music Producer; Genius will soon set out on a mission to enlighten upcoming producers on how to avoid being ?used? by musicians.


He is angry that established musicians usually take advantage of new, relatively unknown producers and exploit them. He tells KFM?s Kwame Scientific that the time has come for these producers to know they can still thrive without these so-called established musicians who demand free services in order to promote them.

The music producer who was speaking to Kwame Scientific on the KFM Music Countdown advised young producers to focus on making good music instead of fame.

Genius says though the future of sound Engineering remains bright, Producers need to work harder. He believes the essence of ?organic? music is gradually being lost as many Producers continue to depend solely on computer software instead of the real musical instruments. He opines that originality still counts for a lot and hence admonished musicians and producers to learn how to play the various musical instruments.

When asked whether he is bothered by his failure to pick an award in the recent Bass Awards, he told Kwame Scientific he is not in the least bothered since awards don?t bring him money. ?Awards are cool but they are not the aim of my business?, he says. He is rather happy he has met his targets for the year which include expansion of his studio and entire business.

Bernard Buachi, Ultimate Radio, Kumasi


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