According to a research conducted by Cochrane Database Systematic review in 2006, music therapy helps improve communication skills in children with autism and also affects how they make sense of the world around them.

Music therapy helps in pain management, relieves depression, eases muscle tension, calms nerves and soothes the entire body.

This was revealed by the Chief Executive officer of Tsikarts and Sheeba Links, Mr. Eric Tsikata when the 6th quadrennial congress of the Musicians Union of Ghana(MUSIGA) was held in Koforidua.

According to him, music has enormous impact on body, mind and soul so its healing power should not be ignored or underestimated.

” Although music is mainly used in Ghana for entertainment and worship, it is time for us to fully discover and develop the wealth of this mystically intriguing art for our own good and better use”, he said.

He mentioned that slow tempo music promotes calmness relaxation and puts the body in a meditative state adding that music with faster beat promotes sharp concentration and advised that loud music should be avoided.
He mentioned that for better results, individuals should always choose inspirational songs.

In a related development Mr. Tsikata donated several copies of his latest book titled, “The Master Key of Wellness” to MUSIGA, some members of the Ghana Actors Guild and also to some members of the Trade Union Congress who were also present at the occasion.

source: Raphael Apetorgbor


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