President Yoweri Museveni

In a six-page February 15 letter, the President complained about the mismanagement of murram roads.

The President said on February 3 that he deliberately and without warning decided to drive 1,000kms on road instead of using helicopters or fixed wing planes.

Why bad state
“We give the Ministry of Works Shs1.2 trillion per annum. This is a lot of money. It may not be enough. However, that cannot be the main problem. It seems the main problems are poor planning, lack of careful use of scarce resources, lack of supervision and banishment of corruption,” the President’s letter reads in part.

“How can a budget of Shs1.2 trillion per annum fail to work on Masindi-Hoima-Kagadi-Kyenjojo road? Which murram road is more important than this one in the country- A road linking the North and South of Uganda? If the main direction roads were well maintained and it was only subsidiary ones that had a problem, then, one could credibly talk of resources.”

Explaining the difficulties he went through, the President said: “Much of the time was wasted between Lira and Abim. My question was: ‘Is there somebody responsible for this section of the road? Is it Local Government or Ministry of Works? If there is somebody responsible for such a major road, linking Lira with the new district of Otuke and also with Kotido, he cannot fail to get a solution. The story of lack of money is not credible.”

The President drove from Kisozi, through Kifampa-Kanoni, turned towards Mityana through Mubende-Manyi road, went through Mityana Town towards Ssekanyonyi-Busunju and via Kalege-Kapeeka-Namusaale-Nakaseke and Wabulenzi.

Supervisory system
Looking forward, the President said he needs a functional supervisory system by the Ministry of Works staff overseeing the “so-called central government roads.”
“We are going to equip each district with a road unit so that they work on their roads by district labour, without the parasitic contracts,” he wrote, asking the Prime minister to consider creating an office of a supervisor to oversee Central Government roads in the different regions.

By Yasiin Mugerwa, Daily Monitor


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