President Museveni inspects a Guard of Honour upon arrival at the Algerian Military Academy. PPU Photo

President Museveni inspects a Guard of Honour upon arrival at the Algerian Military Academy. PPU Photo

?When you lag behind in science and technology, you either become a slave and don?t get the freedom or get it at the mercy of others,? he said.

Museveni who is on a four-day state visit to Algeria was on Tuesday touring the Military Academy of Cherchell, an institution under the Ministry of National Defence, National Armed Forces Military staff Land forces Command of the Democratic Republic of Algeria.

?How will the present generation defend the sovereignty of Africa? How are we going to defend Africa? You saw the mistakes in Libya. On some issues, they don?t consult us and on others they go against us like was the case for Libya. We, the African leaders need to answer the question of how to defend Africa in modern times,? he said.

He was speaking shortly after touring the Military Academy including the museum, various scientific laboratories and witnessing a tactical exercise in the training center and the academic facility.

The military academy offers basic military training, officer cadet course, junior staff courses, senior staff courses, specialized courses as well graduate and post graduate educational courses.

Museveni said that the current generation of military and political leaders has a challenge of guaranteeing the independence of Africa and safeguarding her from the external forces that are constantly threatening the continent?s sovereignty by working to dominate her.

?How will the current generation of Africans defend our sovereignty so that we don?t be like our fore fathers who were colonized? We were lucky we regained our independence because of our continued resistance, the coming to power of the communists in china and USSR and the infighting by the colonial masters but how are sure that we won?t be recolonized,? he said.

On arrival at the Academy, President Museveni who was accompanied by the Algerian Minister for African affairs and Cooperation Mr Lamamra Ramtane inspected a Guard of Honour.

Major General Ahcene Tafer, Algeria Land Forces Commander and Gen. Bouafia Belracem, the commandant of the Academy, later escorted him on the tour.

?We can?t accept colonialism of hegemony; it is proof that domination is not good. If it was good, Africa would be the most prosperous continent because it had slave trade, colonialism, etc.

I salute the Algerian people?s struggle against colonialism and the officers and soldiers for their contribution to African peace,? he said.

Museveni was later hosted to a luncheon by the Academy Command, which later presented him with gifts.


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