President Yoweri Museveni

President Yoweri Museveni

?I feel very embarrassed when I go to church to witness believers offer one stick of sugar cane, a small basket of entula (egg plants) or one egg. But if all families engaged in modern commercial agriculture, you would be able to contribute more,? he advised.

The President was Saturday the guest of honor at the closing ceremony of the 5-day Bugwere Convocation that was held at Bugwere High School in Nweyo village, Budaka district.

The convocation, that was convened by the overseer of the National Fellowship of the Born Again Pentecostal Churches of Uganda, Bishop Joshua Lwere, attracted over 10,000 participants mainly from the districts of Bugwere that include Budaka, Pallisa and Kibuku and other districts.

Activities ran during the Bugwere convocation included corporate prayers, networking, creating awareness of opportunities in entrepreneurship and market opportunities.

The convocation was spearheaded by James Kisaale, the Chairperson of Bugwere Transformation Initiative (BUTI) an association established for the 3 districts of Bugwere to act as a platform for the transformation of the area.

President Museveni, who thanked Bishop Lwere for transforming his followers both spiritually and economically, also advised the people of Bugwere to practice intensive farming since most of their land had been severely fragmented.

The President advised the people of the area to form and register family companies where family members will have shares on the profits that accrue from the activities carried out on the land instead of fragmenting land further.

On irrigation, he informed them that government will, after dealing with infrastructure, focus on the irrigation systems in the country.

Museveni cautioned the congregation against vices like alcoholism and immorality that, he said, could ruin their lives prematurely.

He commended Dr. Monica Musenero for her courage and brevity in fighting dangerous diseases like Ebola, not only in Uganda but also recently in Liberia.

Bishop Joshua Lwere said such convocations are held in different parts of the country and have so far been conducted in Bunyoro, Lango, Busoga, Bugisu and Tooro Sub-Regions.

Prior to the closing ceremony of the convocation, President Museveni witnessed and participated in the signing of a declaration that called for the reconciliation and unity among all the cultural leaders of Bugwere. He planted a tree to commemorate the ceremony.

The function was attended by the Minister of State for Luweero Triangle, Sarah Kataike, MPs from the area as well as religious and district leaders from Bugwere region, among others.

Source The New Vision


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