Rupert Murdoch (1931-Date) is an Australian born media magnate who became a United States citizen in 1985. His Business holding include Newspapers, Magazines, Television Stations and News Services.
His current holdings include Fox Broadcasting Company, the London Times, The New York Post, Television Guide Magazine, The Wall street Journal, and the online MySpace Social Network.
Murdoch was educated at the University of Oxford.
Rupert Murdoch also owns News International which publishes the SUN newspaper as well as the News of the World. The Sun includes 45 pages of sports coverage. News of the world was closed down last year in the wake of a phone hacking scandal.
Following the closure of the News of the World, the media magnate has launched a new edition of the daily Sun newspaper on 26th February, 2012. This new edition is called Sun on Sunday with its style and content different from News of the World.
The Editor of the daily edition of the Sun is Dominic Mohan and he shall be in charge of the new Sunday edition.
The paper features “old favourites” such as Dear Deidre, Mystic Meg, Bizarre and T.V Biz, articles and write ups which used to flood his popular magazines and newspapers.
The paper’s columnists include Chef Heston Blumenthal; John Sentamu, The archbishop of York; Fashion expert Nancy Dell’ohio; Retired footballer Roy Keane and Political writer and free schools pioneer Toby Young.
However, publishing newspapers on Sundays is slowly going out of fashion and skeptics such as Roy Greenslade, a media commentator, are wondering if Mr. Murdoch can turn the situation around.
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