AN ACCRA Central Magistrate Court has ordered that an alleged will left behind by the Italian national, Bellunatu Egle, in her house at the time of her death, be verified with a copy of her will deposited at the High Court registry.

The presiding judge, Charles Boateng, made this order at the trial of the deceased?s former partner, Serradura Luigi, in connection with her death.

The order became necessary after the prosecuting team, led by ASP Cletus Abadamloora, raised doubts about the authenticity of the will which was said to have been found a few meters from the scene of the murder.

The alleged will bequeathed most of the deceased?s property to the suspect.

Egle was murdered in cold blood in the three-bedroom house of the couple at Kuntunse on October 29, 2013.

The suspect, Luigi, 62, who was charged with murder, has denied any wrongdoing.

The facts of the case as presented by ASP Abadamloora are that the suspect is an Italian residing in Ghana and a pensioner, while the 74-year-old Egle, the deceased, was also an Italian and a pensioner residing in Ghana.

According to the facts, the deceased, who fell in love with the suspect, sold her house in Italy to put up a three-bedroom house at Kuntunse into which they moved together in 2009.

Furthermore, he stated that Egle bought a pick-up vehicle which the couple used for their activities. They later met Johnson Mawutor Dzakpasu, 56, who also spoke Italian and became friends with him.

In addition, he said Dzapkasu went to the house of the suspect and his partner on Tuesdays and Thursdays to clean and noted that the suspect usually picked him at a junction at Amasaman whenever Dzapkasu was to carry out any work at their residence.

The prosecutor noted that on October 29, 2013, Dzakpasu called the suspect to pick him at the Nsawam Junction but Luigi said he was at Nsawam and asked him to pick a taxi to the house, which he did.

Explaining further, the ASP stated that when Dzapkasu got to the house, he realized that the door was locked, so he knocked several times but there was no response and he tried the line of the deceased but she did not pick up.

According to him, the cleaner changed his clothes and started to work in the compound. After his schedule, he saw the key to the main door on a plastic chair.

The facts stated that Dzakpasu opened the door and found the victim lying at the entrance in a pool of blood, so he called the suspect and they rushed her to Amasaman Police Station to report the case.

The prosecutor explained that the suspect alleged that robbers had attacked his house and taken an Acer laptop, cash of GH?4000, 1000 Euros and two mobile phones.

In addition, he stated that the victim was lying in a supine position, meaning the body was carefully placed at the entrance of the main door. She was wearing khaki shorts and violet blouse while her denture was found lying in the kitchen.

He explained, however, that the weapon used in killing Egle was not found while investigations revealed that due to the remoteness of the residence of the couple, one never left home without the other.

He noted that investigations also revealed Luigi wanted his partner to bequeath the house to him so she reluctantly made a will to that effect but what brought about problems between the couple was that the suspect had changed the ownership of the pick-up vehicle from the deceased?s name to his.

The ASP further said police investigations found a blood-soaked jacket believed to be have been worn by the suspect when he committed the alleged offence, after which he soaked it in water.

The case has been adjourned to March 26, 2014.


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