Ghana get multimillion hair saloon

Hair saloon

When a country’s entertainment industry starts to grow, it serves as a booster for its affiliate wings including the fashion and beauty sector and that is exactly where Ghana has reached.

NEWS-ONE has picked signals that a Maryland-based ultra modern unisex salon, Unique Hair, has completed a business research about the viability of setting up a similar venture in Ghana and has actually moved to town.
Reports say Unique Hair has bought a parcel of land at Community 18 near Lashibi in Accra and set up a multipurpose building exclusively built for a modern salon.

A source managed to sneak a NEWS-ONE reporter into the building to catch a glimpse of what it contains.
“It is the first of its kind in Ghana. Normally people put up a building and you go hire or rent it for a salon.

But this was actually designed from scratch as a salon so apart from the front entrance, it has a secret entrance and a VIP private room section for clients who want absolute privacy for one reason or the other.
All our rooms have air-conditions, electronics, floral artifacts and what it takes to make clients feel at home,” the source explained.

Reports say all the equipment in the salon were imported from the States and a couple of expatriate specialists are currently in the country taking the salon attendants and hairdressers through special training on customer satisfaction and how to handle the makeup of the hair products.
The multipurpose salon would take care of everything hair, pedicure and manicure and is located on Dade Close near Grace Court at Lashibi, Community 18.

Source News One  Ghana


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