MultiChoice Ghana Limited has partnered up with Paymenex to provide consumers and businesses with a real-time electronic payment channel and aggregator gateway for the payment of DStv and GOtv subscriptions, as well as for renting BoxOffice movies.

MultichoiceThe partnership between the two organizations provides a multi-channel payment facility for consumers and businesses to pay for all the packages offered by Multichoice Ghana. Self-service real-time payment options will be available for subscribers through USSD or xWallet Mobile application, a secure mobile banking and payment mobile application designed for financial and utility accounts enrolled in Paymenex TransNET, Other channels include xPOS Express through Paymenex Agent locations accessible from

Payment and Financial institutions can also benefit from the Paymenex white-label aggregator-gateway, Paymenex DStv Thrupay solution, which enables a third-party connectivity to the Multichoice IBS platform for bill payment in real-time through Paymenex xTransNET, for more information visit

Multichoice Ghana offers packages allowing subscribers the flexibility in pricing and choice, ranging from DStv Premium, DStv Compact +, DStv Compact, DStv Family and DStv Access as well as GOtv and GOtv Plus bouquets. Specialist bouquets offer a range of exciting channels that cater specifically to various cultural and language markets such as the Indian, French, Chinese and Portuguese bouquets. Multichoice Ghana has also launched several new services and add on services such as DStv BoxOffice (now open to all Premum, Compact and Compact Plus subscribers), DStv CatchUp, DStvNow and DStvOnline.

Paymenex is a universal electronic payments technology company that facilitates real time electronic payment between consumers and businesses and provides a global switching of electronic money transactions, payment processing, and real time gross settlement (RTGS) for financial institutions and payment service providers worldwide through its advanced network Paymenex TransNET (xTransNET).

According to the Paymenex Regional Administrator in Ghana, Mr. Della Porbley, Paymenex DStv Thrupay solution, designed for bill collectors, is a robust aggregator white-label solution that offers optimum security, flexibility, and saves businesses time to market with its state of the art connection interface.


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