Multichoice Ghana in collaboration with UT Bank is introducing a unique and unbeatable package to enable salaried workers all over Ghana to acquire any of the DStv and DStv Mobile range of hardware and to pay over a six months period at no additional cost or charge.

?Potential customers can walk into any of the 30 participating DStv dealerships or 26 UT Bank branches across Ghana any day and pay the same stated price of the appliances of their choice over a maximum of six months.

Salaried workers are therefore able to acquire their desired DStv hardware at the same market price and enjoy a convenient payment schedule without worrying about high interest charges or high percentage of deposit with UT Bank.

UT Bank has also made the process very simple.? A customer just?walks into any UT Bank office or Multichoice Dealers office, fill a form, acquire an invoice and submit your forms.

Cecil Sunkwa ? Mills, General Manager of Multichoice Ghana said??MultiChoice Ghana provides subscriber management services to subscribers including facilitating subscription fee collection services, marketing and sales, technical and installation support and the operation of a national call centre.? We started off by offering?a range of entertainment packages to suit every Ghanaian and which allows subscribers flexibility in monthly subscriptions from a low as 19 GHC a month for over 30 channels.?We are therefore very passionate about enhancing the rest of our value chain and this has led to partnering with UT Bank in order to make the entry level to our service more convenient for salaried workers?.

Mrs. Pearl Esua-Mensah, Deputy Managing Director of UT Bank Ghana Ltd?expressed great delight for the partnership which she believes ?help many Ghanaians particularly salaried workers to acquire the DSTV and be abreast with today?s global events.

?She said UT Bank continues to improve on its processes through world class IT platform to make it more simple and efficient and serve customers better.

UT Bank?Ghana Limited, Bank of the Year 2011 in the Ghana Banking Awards commenced business as a Finance house in 1997. It evolved from a lending company to a publicly owned Universal Bank, with shares listed and actively traded on the Ghana Stock Exchange. UT Bank has positioned itself as the leading bank in SME banking and seeks to change the face of banking in Ghana through fast, efficient and respectful delivery of service, maintaining the core proposition of a loan in less than 48 hours. It is one of the fastest growing banks in Ghana, providing innovative customer-oriented products with focus on SMEs.


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