Opposition leader Kizza Besigye visits nodding disease syndrome patients at Mulago Hospital last week. Photo by Isaac Kasamani

The remaining patients are being monitored by the medical staff and one underwent an operation for a brain tumor last week.

According to Ms Beatrice Anywar, although the children returned home looking physically better, the doctors at Mulago Hospital have failed to ascertain the actual cause of the nodding disease syndrome.

She said most mothers of the affected children reported that the seizures have reduced and the children no longer collapse as frequently as was before.

Speaking in a telephone interview yesterday, the legislator threatened to sue the government for reportedly failing to equip nodding disease treatment centres in Kitgum District even after training medical workers who have since returned to the villages.

She accused the government of neglecting the people of Kitgum since 1988 when insurgency started in the district.

The government last month took over the management of the 25 patients the legislator transported to Mulago Hospital to prove to the nation the plight of close to 3,000 children suffering from the disease following government’s failure to respond effectively.

Upon their arrival at Mulago Hospital, several tests and samples were taken from the patients and taken to the US Centers for Disease Control for further tests.

The government also opened treatment centres in Lamwo, Kitgum and Pader districts.

Ms Anywar now accuses the government of failing to furnish the centres.

Reports from Kitgum, Pader and Lamwo indicate that health workers have started moving to homes where the patients are.

By Stephen Otage, Daily Monitor



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