This was evident in results of Quality of Service data monitoring tests released by the National Communications Authority.

The results of the tests conducted in the Upper East and Upper West Regions are the first to have been released on mobile data by the National Communications Authority and MTN?s network superiority was evident in results for many of the districts tested.

In the case of Wa, for example, NCA?s report states that ?it was only MTN among all other Operators who achieved the throughput target,? which means that MTN achieved the fastest internet speeds. Again in the coverage signal strength report for Upper East Region, MTN is the only company to be described as having ?Good network coverage in Bolgatanga.?

QoS monitoring is conducted by the NCA to ensure that telecom operators comply with the quality of service obligations set out in their licences. While NCA has been conducting quality of service tests for voice for some time now, the July 2015 tests are the first for data.

The monitoring comprised the following standard Quality of Service indicators and their respective thresholds for compliance — Data Access Time (the response time of accessing the data service when requested), Data Access Success Rate (the probability of success in connecting to a public server), Data Drop Rate (the probability of drop in connection to public server without end user?s intervention), Throughput (the rate of data transfer). MTN?s scores in these measurements demonstrate why the company is a network of choice for 15 million subscribers.

Speaking on the Quality of Service monitoring results, Acting Chief Technical Officer of MTN Ghana, Mr. Ibrahim Misto said, ?NCA?s report is a testament to MTN?s focus on enhancing our customers? experience in the digital age; everywhere you go in Ghana, MTN?s enormous network investments are making it possible for our customers to enjoy a differentiated experience that brings efficiencies and improvements to their personal and professional lives; the results also demonstrate our commitment to leading the delivery of bold new digital world in order to brighten the lives of our customers through the services we provide.? ?The company will continue to make significant investments in its network to continue to enhance coverage and customer experience,? he added.

MTN Ghana has stated that its position as the network of choice, with approximately 15 million subscribers in a 32 million subscriber market, is the result of systematic, strategic investments and upgrades that enable the company to continue to deliver the most reliable voice and mobile broadband network to Ghanaians. In line with its vision of leading the delivery of a bold new digital world, MTN has earmarked $103 million in network infrastructure investments for 2015 after having invested over $2.4 billion from 2006-2014.

MTN has also since January 2014 to date, passed all Quality of Service (QoS) monitoring tests on voice conducted by the National Communications Authority (NCA) in all ten regions of Ghana.


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