The Corporate Services Executive of MTN Ghana,Mrs Cynthia Lumor, has disclosed that the company will continue to focus on creating a distinct customer experience for valued customers.

Mrs Cynthia Lumor, made this known during MTN Media and Stakeholders forum held in the Western region to brief the media and stakeholders about MTN’s business performance in 2016.

During the session, Mrs Lumor also highlighted the key focus areas for 2017, emphasizing customer experience as the central theme.

She said, “MTN Ghana is very passionate about creating a distinct customer experience; at every touch point in our relationship with the customer – from the retail distribution point through our contact centres to experience on the network, our customers must feel special and valued.”

MTN Ghana the leading mobile service provider,has the widest customer service reach in Ghana, with 213 customer service locations nationwide and two nationally accessible contact centres.

The company also has the widest distribution footprint with over 200,000 retailers nationwide. In pursuit of the strategy to enhance customer experience, the Company’s customer service centres in regional capitals are being transformed into state-of-the-art flagship stores.

“As we celebrate 60 years of Ghana’s independence we take the opportunity to renew our commitment towards the customer and to ensure that top class customer service is available at all touch points where customers may find themselves. We continue to invest heavily in these areas in 2017 and beyond,” Mrs Lumor added.

The focus on customer experience has also been the impetus for even greater network investments.

Having invested US$96 million in network expansion and upgrades to enhance customer experience in 2016, MTN is investing a further $143.7 million in 2017 to improve network capacity, increase infrastructural back-up and accelerate rollout of 4G sites.

Greater data speeds, enhanced voice quality and overall improved Quality of Service resulting from these investments ensure a distinct experience for the customer, according to MTN.

The Company is particularly excited about the role it is playing to bring the superior speed and quality of 4G data services to its subscribers. So far 475 4G sites are live nationwide, and 197 more will be rolled out in 2017, in order to improve capacity and make 4G service accessible to many more Ghanaians.

Conscious of device compatibility issues in Ghana, MTN is also focused on ensuring that customers with 3G and 2G devices enjoy their experience on the Company’s network.

In 2017, MTN will add 561 3G sites to the 1713 already on air, and 354 2G sites to 2600 already existing sites.

Additionally, a total of 2,600 of MTN’s Base Transceiver Stations will be modernised to offer superior and quality services to customers. The Company will further increase voice and data capacity by adding 410 kilometres to its fibre-optic network.

The expansion and modernization projects are expected to boost the provision of mobile data, broadband, video-on-demand and value -added Services (VAS).

Organised under the theme “Celebrating Ghana, 60 years on; A Bold New Digital World for National Transformation,” the MTN Stakeholder and Media Forum was used as a platform to discuss the impact of MTN’s operations and its contributions to Ghana’s economy. It was also an avenue to discuss industry prospects and challenges.

In attendance at the forum were the Regional President of the GJA, representatives from Western Regional office of the National Communications Authority (NCA), Ghana Highways Authority and the Department of Urban Roads Department.