mtn fibre broadband

Ghana’s leading telecommunications service provider, MTN has taken another giant step by launching its: “Fibre Broadband Service.”

As the leader in the telecommunications industry and with over 17 million subscribers, MTN Ghana has always been on the forefront of continuous innovations in technology to enhance customer experience.

Broadband access has now become a critical infrastructure requirement because of its direct impact on the development of an information society in this digital age.
It serves as the foundation for economic growth, job creation, global competitiveness and a better way of life.
Speaking at the launching ceremony in Accra, Chief Executive Officer of MTN Ghana, Mr. Ebenezer Twum Asante, indicated that since 2015 MTN has set the pace by investing heavily in the deployment of Fibre Broadband and related services in line with their belief that “everyone deserves the benefits of a modern connected world”.

According to him, as a company they are constantly seeking avenues to realize their vision of leading the delivery of a bold new digital world in to make the lives of their
Customers lives a whole lot brighter. This he said, the introduction of Fibre Broadband is no exception.

“MTN Fibre Broadband brings diverse solutions to our clientele including high-speed internet access, live streaming of online TV channels or Video on Demand, home and office automation including security services and so much more.

Opportunity also exists to drive innovations like remote office (work from home), telemedicine, e-learning and IoT solutions all via MTN Fibre broadband,” he explained

MTN is committed to ensuring that every Ghanaian has an opportunity to be digitally connected through MTN Fibre Broadband.

The time has come for individuals, home owners and corporate institutions to experience the enormous benefits of a modern connected life and MTN is offering to be your partner of choice for this journey.

“Per Internet World Stats, global average internet penetration as a percentage of population stood at 51.7% as at June 2017 with the highest growth of 976.4% occurring between 2000 and 2017.

Africa also recorded internet penetration as a percentage population of 31.2% within same period, below the global average of 51.7%.

Overall, internet users in Africa stood at only 10% during same period. What this means is that, internet penetration across the world has grown exponentially in this decade but Africa is still lagging behind, “he disclosed

The Deputy Minister for Communications, Hon. George Andah, who graced the occasion stated unequivocally that MTN Fibre Broadband initiative will eventually help take Ghana closer to its journey of transforming the economy and society into a fully-fledged information and knowledge-based society and economy in the foreseeable future.

According to the Sector Minister the journey started with the adoption of the national ICT for Accelerated Development Policy (ICT4AD) in 2003 and in 2013, the Ministry of Communications facilitated the review of the scope of the Ghana ICT4AD Policy Statement to include some new thematic policy areas, notable amongst them being Broadband.

This he said, Government of Ghana recognizing the enormous benefit of ICT to the Ghanaian Citizenry has over the years put measures in place to ensure that they develop their ICT infrastructure to meet emerging technological trends.

Globally, the role of broadband is increasingly becoming the emphasis for unlocking and accelerating knowledge and technology based economies, as well as enabling GDP growth.
“Going by research conducted on the economic impacts of broadband in other countries, it is today widely accepted that broadband penetration unlocks an additional GDP growth for every 10% broadband penetration achieved, which is a significant contribution by any measure,” he disclosed.

He therefore applauded MTN for embarking on such on giant move. Adding that, the government will support the initiative in order to achieve the desired results

By: Isaac Kofi Dzokpo/



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