The NCC might impose sanctions for poor telecom services | By Eki Toju

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), on Thursday, warned MTN Nigeria, that it might look to impose sanctions for alleged poor service to subscribers.

MTN Nigeria has, however, said it was surprised by threats from the telecom authority to impose sanctions on the group for poor service to subscribers.

“NCC’s statement to the press yesterday came as a surprise to us. The incident under reference is a service disruption that some of our customers experienced on the 1 May 2012,” MTN Nigeria said in a statement on Friday.

“There was a power related incident at our Ikoyi Switch late on 1 May. It was quickly rectified but we realised that all the affected customers would not feel the full impact of the restoration for a few hours. Some customers continued to experience difficulty with calling and texting. These issues were largely localised to parts of Lagos.

“A letter was dispatched to the NCC on the 2nd of May informing the NCC and explaining what we had done to normalise. Affected customers were also informed by sms/Twitter/Facebook and radio announcements. We offered our apologies.”

The company said that by the afternoon of May 2, service had been fully restored with additional SMSes being sent to customers to confirm the group’s position.

“Quality of service in Nigeria is an industry-wide challenge. It is caused by a combination of factors related to demand still outstripping supply in terms of infrastructure and local environmental challenges. No network in Nigeria has invested more in infrastructure than MTN. This year alone, MTN is investing $1.3 Billion in the network with a view to upgrading and increasing its capacity,” MTN Nigeria said.

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