The Surprise Awards for Excellence after the launch of the second category award scheme themed Entertainment and Arts Awards for Excellence has honoured given the scheme’s first citation of honour for the year 2017.

Miss Kate Ivy Wilson receiving the first 2017 SAE Citation of Honour in a pose with members of the SAE team
Miss Kate Ivy Wilson receiving the first 2017 SAE Citation of Honour in a pose with members of the SAE team

SAE, as has come to stay is an annual awarding scheme aimed at discovering individuals who have used their talents or professions to effect changes in society especially helping the less privileged and vulnerable in society. Since the inception of the award scheme in 2014, many great individuals have been identified and honoured under the Surprise Awards for Excellence enterprise.

The first SAE Citation of Honour for 2017 was awarded to Ms. Kate Ivy Wilson an Educationist in the Mfantiman Municipal District in the Central Region of Ghana. Ms. Wilson in collaboration with her family and other benevolent individuals have led a transformation agenda in the central region that has seen the development of many talents through both formal and informal education. investigations of the SAE monitors revealed that Ms. Wilson single handed has seen countless children through school and has also ensured the refurbishment of classroom blocks of some schools in her district.

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Ms. Kate Ivy Wilson proudly displaying her SAE Citation of Honour in a beautiful pose
Ms. Kate Ivy Wilson proudly displaying her SAE Citation of Honour in a beautiful pose

One could only say that she deserves to be appreciated as she has also seen to the construction of state of the art story building to house JHS, library as well as ICT facility for the Saltpond methodist B School in the Mfantiman municipal district. she with her siblings also organize annual mothers day events to help celebrate single mothers and the aged and also organize occasional health screening for people of her district.

Expressing her joy and surprise to the GOA SAE team, Ms. Wilson stressed the need for people to whole heartedly and willingly give back to society. according the her, government alone can not provide the country with all the developmental needs that they seek so individuals who are in the capacity to help should also give their bit to support the growth of the country especially helping with the underprivileged, aged, children and basically the vulnerable. she how ever pleaded that corporate society as well as private institutions should rally behind the various societal development projects initiated by individuals so that such works will be executed and completed on time to benefit those who dearly need it.

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The Surprise Awards for Excellence is an initiative of GOA Group Limited. The Executive Director of GOA and SAE Mr. Gideon Ofosu Adjei used the opportunity to commend Ms. Wilson of her good works and urged her to continue to support her society and also urged that the parliamentary representative of the area should as a matter of urgency rally behind her to support her in extending her good works to other parts of the region.

The SAE is open to all men and women in the Entertainment or showbiz industry. It is awarded to an individual, a group of persons or an institution in recognition of their commitment to creating an enabling environment at the national levels in today’s globalizing world where entertainment plays an important role in enhancing development.The Award selection criteria are not based on trading of nomination forms. Contenders will be shortlisted across the ten regions of Ghana and selected through monitoring and evaluation procedures by monitors across the nation. It will be done through the general public, partnering NGO’S and foundations across the nation.

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The organizers GOA Group believe that the scheme will act in an ethical and transparent coordination that will contribute to the health and welfare of the social order. It will pertain not only to business organizations but also to everyone whose actions in the entertainment and arts industry impacts the developmental progress of the nation.