Niger State Governor, Dr Mu?azu Babangida Aliyu has debunked published reports in some newspaper that his wife was injured at a pavilion collapse on Saturday in Minna.
He maintained that his wife was among the lucky dignitaries at the VIP stand of the Transformation Ambassador of Nigeria, TAN rally held in Minna last Saturday who left the pavilion without a single bruise.
He made the disclosure through his Chief Press Secretary, who signed a release insisting that she was unhurt. ?I read in some papers that my wife was ?badly injured? and I wonder where all that was coming from. Let me therefore make it categorically clear that she was not injured. After the rally, we were together to visit victims at the hospital?.
Aliyu said it became necessary for him to tell Nigerians the true position of his wife?s health on account of several calls across the country by well wishers who were demanding to know how she was faring.
He thanked those who expressed concern, urging them to relax their nerves as she was indeed on her feet all through the incident. He also debunked claims of fatalities as some people are already speculating, insisting nobody died.
?Let me also intimate that nobody died in the incidence. The worst cases were cuts sustained during the collapse. Most of the victims have since been discharged from the hospital; only a few are under observation?.
Aliyu said the situation was not as disastrous as some people were already insinuating, adding that the occasion continued as planned with measurable success as the mammoth crowd held their position until the end of the rally.


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