Starbow, the domestic and regional operator, has appointed Mr. Sukhjinder Mann as the Chief Finance Officer of the airline.  

The airline, which has been in operation for close to two years, said Mr. Mann?s appointment is strategic in driving the growth of the business as it prepares to resume its regional flights to Ivory Coast and Cotonou, Benin, and launch new regional routes.

In an interview with the B&FT, Mr. Mann said:  ?We keep a close eye on market demographics and trends. We temporarily withdrew our international services on a tactical basis. We do have plans to grow again when the time is right.  That said, we are committed to the regional market and will lead the way: it?s all about timing and financial-risk management.?

On the company?s domestic operations, he said: ?We are doing well. We are gaining market share and we are delivering value to our customers. Competition is good for business. It keeps the airlines sharp and forces them to do better internally and externally for the customer. Starbow welcomes competition; we are ready for it and embrace it wholly as it will move this market forward and shake out the weaker competitors.?

Domestic air traffic has been expanding in Ghana as incomes rise and commerce increases.
Passenger traffic increased from 11,000 in March 2011 to 30,000 in March 2012, with Kumasi being the busiest domestic destination for flights from Accra.

At the end of the first quarter of this year, traffic to Kumasi stood at 43,432 — up from about 30,000 a year ago.

Mr. Mann said Starbow will introduce an attractive promotion in the coming days to draw more passengers. ?We will introduce two categories of fares which we know our passengers will take advantage of: Early Bird, which is for bookings two weeks ahead; and Super Early Bird for bookings three months ahead. The savings could rise to as high as 25% in some cases.?

Starbow recently established a partnership with GT Bank that allows customers who make bookings online or via its call centre to pay and complete the reservation at any GT Bank branch across the country.

By Dominick Andoh


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