The Member of Parliament for Achiase, Mr Robert Kwasi Amoah, has spoke out against lack of professional guidance and counseling coordinators in Ghana?s educational institutions and called for a holistic approach to remedy the flaw to improve the educational system.

He said it was imperative for all basic schools through to have fully-fledged counseling units to guide the carrier paths of pupils and students to conform to the development needs of the country.

Mr Amoah told the GNA in an interview that basic stages of education were the most important phase of learning and students should be given professional guidance to enable them make the right choices.

He said the education system placed that crucial life-shaping decision-making of career choice at the junior high school level as students are not matured enough to make those choices.

Mr Amoah said education played a vital role in the development of a nation and as such Ghana?s policy direction on education should aim at giving pupils and students relevant and high quality education that would serve as a facilitator for rapid socio-economic growth.

This, he said, could only happen when students are guided to identify their strengths and weaknesses, consider their needs, interest, capabilities, values and opportunities which had to be matched with occupational environments provided by professional counselors.

The lawmaker said most educational directorates had at best one professional guidance and counseling coordinator who organizes a vocational guidance session once when students are choosing their subjects and programmes.

He said lack of professional guidance in basic schools was not aiding career consonance and was contributing to mass graduate unemployment.

Mr Amoah said giving students the right kind of guidance and counseling for career paths would reflect Ghana?s quest of becoming a middle income country and contribute to the long term aspiration of economic transformation.

He thus suggested that to remedy the situation, more professional counselors should be trained and posted to all basic schools across the country.

Mr Amoah also suggested that intensive in-service training on career development must be given to teachers in basic schools as well as the introduction of career guidance methods in the curricula of diploma awarding colleges of education. GNA


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