Member of Parliament for Kwabere east constituency in the Ashanti region Hon. Francisca Oteng Mensah, has appealed to the Local government minister Hon. Hajia Alima, to uplift Kwabere east district to a Municipal status, based on their population growth and other indicators.
In an exclusive interview with her, she noted that, the Kwabre east district is long over due for the municipal status.
According to her, they have about one hundred and twelve thousand voters, and not to talk about minors who adds up to about three hundred thousand and over. They have a lot of infrastructures and as it stands now, Kwabre has 31 electoral areas. Yet, they’ve been able to do their best in terms of development with the little that comes to the district.
“Looking at the large population and the number of electoral areas we have now, it has become very difficult to expand developmental projects to all 31 electoral areas, therefore, the need has come for Kwabre east to be upgraded to a municipal status”. Hon. Mensah called on the Nana Akufo Addo government.
“If you are in a municipal status, you have enough funds for a lot of developments. It is high time we attained the municipal status, in order for us to move up to extend developmental projects to all our people”. She added.
By Sammy Adjei/