Mozambique’s ruling Frelimo party on Wednesday in Maputo urged the main opposition party Renamo to abandon its warmongering attitudes during the ongoing talks between the two sides. Mozambique
Remamo threatened earlier this year to create its own police corporation and armed forces and breaking the country’s constitution of the republic.
“The main opposition Renamo continues with its manners of wiping out the history, relying of psychological terrorism… This party failed to lead the country using force for the last 17 years, so now it threatens to form its own police, its own army going against the Mozambican laws only to ascend power by force,” said Frelimo MP Antonio Amatai.
The country’s Agriculture Minister, Jose Pacheco, warned on the same day that Renamo’s intransigence by delaying to provide the list of its militia to be integrated in to the army and the police may put pressure on the state budget.
Speaking in the parliament, Pacheco said that “the government created all the conditions for Renamo’s residual forces to be recruited into the FADM or the police, or for their social and economic reinsertion.”
Pacheco is also the head of the government’s delegation at the on-going talks with Renamo to resolve the country’s political crisis.
Last September, the government and Renamo signed an agreement to put an end to hostilities, disarm and integrate the Renamo men.
While Renamo has been reluctant to provide the list of them to the government for disarmament and integration plan.
The delay forced the government to cancel the mandate of international observers in the integration process as well as disarmament.
The observers came from Portugal, Botswana, South Africa, Cape Verde, Kenya and Zimbabwe. Britain and the United States did not send their military experts although having been invited.
The government’s decision to terminate the mandate was that it was paying large sums of money for accommodation, meals, the movement of the monitors, among other activities.
Renamo is demanding the share of top ranks in the army and the police forces. The government rejects this by saying that the army and the police must not involve political parties.
The two sides have been in talks since 2013 to solve the country’s political crisis. One of the main points to curb the crisis is the disarmament and integration of Renamo militias into the government’s armed forces and police. Enditem


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