An antelope walks at Kenya's Nairobi National Park in Nairobi, Kenya, March 21, 2015. Kenya's
An antelope walks at Kenya's Nairobi National Park in Nairobi, Kenya, March 21, 2015. Kenya's "long rains" season which usually begins in March is unpunctual this year, making both the people and wild animals of this country longing for the coming rains. (Xinhua/Yang Yang)

Mozambique’s Maputo Special Reserve, formerly known as the Maputo Elephant Reserve (REM), will receive 100 buffaloes from South Africa, the reserve’s head of inspection said on Tuesday.

“These are buffaloes that have fled South Africa’s reserves and have allocated themselves into habitat areas in the Matutuine district of Maputo near the border with the two countries,” said Natercio Ngovene at a press conference.

According to Ngovene, the animals cannot be given back to South Africa for reasons agreed between the two countries, regarding the repatriation of animals that cross borders.

“With this number of buffaloes we will ensure the repopulation of the species in the Maputo Reserve, which has until then five buffaloes,” he said.

Ngovene added that the potential of tourism will also increase with the entry of the buffaloes in this reserve.

The head of REM’s inspection said that at this moment the buffaloes are being taken from the areas where the animals settled, to the Maputo Reserve.

“The buffaloes were in the wrong place. We are very close to the border with South Africa and Swaziland. These specifically have left South Africa,” said Ngovene.

The capture of the animals is being conducted by the South African company Tracy and Du Plessis Game Capture.

Natercio Ngovene also said that the animals did not cause any damage in residential areas where buffaloes were settled and the capture is controlled.

Located about 100 kilometers southeast of the city of Maputo, the REM is the home of 350 African elephants, birds, zebra, antelope, crocodiles, hippos and small bucks. Enditem

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