The state-owned news agency AIM reported that a heavily armed police contingent gathered outside the Renamo Maputo City delegation this morning, preventing them from parade.

MozambicanThe head of the Renamo parliamentary group, Ivone Soares, told reporters that Renamo merely intended to visit markets peacefully and to “greet the Maputo public.”

According to a letter released on Facebook signed by the Renamo city delegate Armindo Bila on Dec. 24, the party informed Maputo city’s mayor, David Simango, that it “will hold a short parade on Dec. 19 through some streets of the city in order to greet the citizens.”

But AIM said that the mayor, Simango, replied to Bila on Monday when he received the letter, pointing out that the letter did not obey the law regulating demonstrations and marches. In particular, it did not specify the route for the parade, and it arrived late. Notification of such events must reach the Municipal Council at least 72 hours in advance.

Simango did not forbid the parade, but he invited Bila to correct the irregularities, such as giving a detailed route, and postponing the event by a few days.

It is not yet known if Renamo has replied to this.

Renamo waged the 16-year bloody civil war against the Frelimo-led government from late 1970s. Enditem

Source: Xinhua


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