The Mozambican government and the main opposition Renamo party on Monday evaluated the report on the integration of Renamo militia into the Mozambican Armed Forces and the police force. wpid-100tanksseizedfromprokadhafimilitiaministry.jpg
The meeting is the 103 round of talks between the two sides which are going on for more than two years in the capital, Maputo.
The international military experts from Zimbabwe, South Africa, Cape Verde and Kenya, have been tasked to carry out the demobilization of the Renamo militia and integrate them into the Mozambican army and the police force.
Portugal, Botswana and Italy have pulled out their observers, due to the low pace of the process which would have been concluded last year.
Another point on the agenda of Monday’s talks concerns security and nonpartisan of the public administration. On the security issue, the government is forbidding Renamo’s vehicles from circulating in the central province of Sofala, mainly at Gorongosa mountain where they transport food for the Renamo militia.
“This is not good not to let our vehicles to send food to our men”, said the Renamo head of the delegation at the talks, Simon Macuiane. Last month, the government troops seized a pick-up transporting bags containing rice, maize, tins, among other items to Gorongosa.
They also found a television set, parabolic antenna, and other things for the Renamo leader, Afonso Dhlakama. In the pick-up, two electronic expert were found who were going to install the equipment.
On the nonpartisan of the public administration, the head of the government’s delegation agriculture minister, Jose Pacheco, said that the session hopes to conclude the declaration on Monday.
Renamo is demanding that all the state apparatus must be nonpartisan and no party activity should be held in workplaces at all. Pacheco told reporters that the two sides hope to reach an agreement at any time. Enditem

Source: Xinhua


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