illegal arms
illegal arms

The Renamo men are still looming in the bush in the center of the country, especially in the provinces of Sofala, Manica, Tete and Zambezia.

illegal arms“Only the defence and security forces are legitimate by law to possess firearms,” said Ntumuke, quoted by the state-owned Radio Mozambique.

The minister also said that the country should not have two armies, and that any movement or political party in possession of firearms, is doing illegally.

Last week, the police surrounded the home of Afonso Dhlakama, the Renamo leader, in the second-biggest city Beira to disarm his guards. Sixteen weapons, such as AK-47 assault rifles were collected from the Renamo guards.

The weapons, including three pistols Renamo had captured in Manica during clashes with the riot police, were handed over to the mediators of the political dialogue between Renamo and the government, who then handed them over to the Maputo administration.

“The symbolic hand over of the arms by Renamo guards is the sign that Mozambicans are compromised with peace,” said the defence minister.

The general police commander, Jorge Khalau, said this week that the law enforcement agents will continue to collect weapons countrywide, not only from Renamo, but also from criminal gangs which are terrorizing people.

At a news conference in Maputo on Tuesday, the Renamo spokesperson, Antonio Muchanga, demanded the creation of a special force to protect prominent figures, including Dhlakama.

Justifying his hint, Muchanga said Renamo does not trust the government police to protect the former rebel movement’s leader. Dhlakama escaped two attempted assassination allegedly by the riot police in Manica last month.
Dhlakama himself has accused the security forces of plotting to assassinate him in Manica. From Beira, Dhlakama will be travelling to the Mozambican capital to meet President Filipe Nyusi to address the country’s political crisis.

The dialogue between the two sides, which collapsed in August, after the pulling out by the Renamo delegation on the orders of Dhlakama, is to resume soon in Maputo. Enditem

Source: Xinhua


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