Nikki Bella
Nikki Bella

The WWE Superstar felt very emotional as she traveled to Tampa, Florida, to clear her possessions out of the home she shared with her ex-fiancé after breaking off their engagement last year.

During the Sunday night (13.01.19) premiere of ‘Total Bellas’, she said: “My break-up’s been a very difficult thing. I don’t even know if I can get through it. Moving all my stuff out is just, it makes it closure and I think that’s the hardest part. When you move out and you shut that door and you give someone your keys, that just shuts the door to your heart, to that love and to the memories. That no new memories will be made, which is so hard to think about.”

Also during the episode Nikki, 35, hinted she could move to Los Angeles, California because she was left around “too many” memories of her former flame.

She added: “I really love the energy of Los Angeles. It just has this hustle vibe, and I have to go there every week for work, you know, for photo shoots. And I don’t want to say non-moms, because I love my moms, but it has this single life, very ‘Sex and the City’ like New York. And so it’s like, not only am I craving it, but I feel like I need it in my life.”

The grappling star then tells her twin sister Brie Bella about her dilemma of house hunting in San Diego.

She added: “Even when I was looking at houses here, there’s a lot that remind me of my ex, and it’s just …”

And whilst Brie is opposed to the idea of her sister moving away, Nikki seems serious, as she then notes: “I might go look at places already, actually.”



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