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Cinema lovers in Uganda were given a treat of Chinese movies for a week, acquainting them of the Chinese traditions and customs.

The Makerere University Confucius Institute screened over 28 Chinese movies in the capital Kampala, attracting secondary, university students and other movie lovers.

“We chose the movies about Chinese history, culture, traditions, agriculture and martial arts among others. This has enabled Ugandan movie lovers to know and understand something about the Chinese people, culture, history and traditions,” Hong Yonghong, Chinese Director of the Confucius Institute, told Xinhua in an interview.

Hong said many people who have not been to China are able to get an insight of the Asian country’s history, people, culture and traditions through the movies.

Some of the movies screened include Masters in Forbidden City, What a Wonderful Family, Guns and Roses, Chinese Zodiac and Golden Cuff Legend 2, among others.

Revelers told Xinhua that the movie week, which kicked off on Nov. 5 to 11 opened up their minds about the Asian country.

“I have seen their cultures and learnt something from it … The Chinese are hardworking. The films are kind of educating people to work hard,” Shia Mwesigye, a student at Makerere University, told Xinhua.

For the students learning the Chinese language, the Chinese movie week is another opportunity to connect with China.

Ben Batarigaya, a student at Makerere University learning Chinese, said the movies helped them understand China’s history and how it has been able to develop into a major economic powerhouse.

The success of screening the movies has forced the organizers to think of partnering with local organizations to showcase the films across the country.

“We plan to change the strategy and style next year. We want to show the movies in different places of Uganda, moving from one place to another place,” said Hong.

This is the second year the Chinese movies are being showed in Uganda. Enditem

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