Ghana Actors Guild

President of the Ghana Actors Guild, Samuel Nii Odoi-Mensah, has indicated his outfit preparedness to devise proactive measures to train movie producers to enhance the quality of their work.

This, according to Mr. Odoi-Mensah, is a surest way of ensuring that Ghana?s movie industry lives up to its task of churning out quality movies to the populace.

Speaking in inclusive interview with Today in Accra, he said the body which oversees the movie industry would do this as a means of motivating movie producers to produce and direct quality movies.

Though, Mr. Odoi-Mensah would not agree to proposals that the Nigerian movie industry had overtaken their Ghanaian counterparts, he hoped such workshops can help the Ghana movie industry recover its lost glory.

?This year, we [Ghana Actors Guild] together with film making associations will organise film shops to upgrade the knowledge and skills of new producers in the system,? he added.

He hoped this strategy can help bridge the ?missing gap? between the Ghana movie industry and their Nigerian counterparts.

?If there is any such gap, he said, then it is due to the lack of logistics to make the work of the producer easy and also enhance the quality of work which he/she produces.?

Mr. Odei-Mensah therefore appealed to the general public to assist movie producers with the needed logistics to ?produce the kind of quality movies which we all hope to see in our markets.?

He was confident that Ghanaians can once again produce the kind of movies that will stand the test of time.

He however cautioned operators of the Ghanaian movie industry to desist from ?copying blindly, especially the pornographic element.?



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