Mourinho decides against selling Casillas


Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho has decided against putting goalkeeper Iker Casillas on sale this summer despite the fractious relationship between the duo, can reveal. In recent days, speculation has grown that Mourinho could sell Casillas amidst growing tensions between them.

However, has learned from sources close to both that the Portuguese coach knows that selling Casillas, who has been Real Madrid’s number one for more than a decade, would be a deeply unpopular move. In fact, club officials have privately agreed that they would be more prepared to lose Mourinho than Casillas.

It is clear that Mourinho sees Casillas as problematic. He has referred to the World Cup winner as merely “the goalkeeper” on several occasions. In one outburst, after a good performance from the 30-year-old against Lyon, Mourinho detracted from this and said:

 ”He has made some good saves as any goalkeeper does for an important team. It’s what he’s meant to do.”

According to sources close to the Real Madrid captain, he does not always agree with Mourinho’s methods and rules so does not comply with them. Casillas is happy to defy his manager, having led the club for several years. This season, rumors have spread that Mourinho asked for the exit of Casillas.

Source : Goal.Com

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