The purpose of the forum is to explain to stakeholders the criteria for the various awards to be held on the 25th of June, 2016 and also get their contributions.

wpid-GcNet.jpgThe Chief Director of the Ministry of Trade and Industry, Darwanoba Baeka said the award is expected to encourage actors in the trade facilitation services sector to render first class efficient and transparent services to importers and exporters.

This, he believes will reduce some of the challenges confronting the trading public in the trade facilitation processes.

“We have found it necessary to do a collaboration with GCNet to rewards the players in the sector so that we improve trade facilitation in the country. Importers spend a lot of time because we are interested in searching every single item in the container and we don’t take it that the importers are losing a lot of money because of our delays,” he said.

Darwanoba Baeka said looking at trade facilitation in the term will increase the revenue of the country because “when things are done faster more goods will pass through the ports and we get more revenue.”
He encouraged players in the trade facilitation sector to do things properly so that it will benefit the country.

Stakeholders praised GCNet and the Ministry of trade and industry and hoped that the national trade facilitation award will lead to an improvement in delivery of services in the country.

The national trade facilitation award is targeted towards MDAs which issue licenses, permits, exemptions routinely for import and export transactions via the eMDA portal deployed by GCNet. The national trade facilitation award will also recognize best freight forwarding agency in Ghana.



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