Mothers of children with cerebral palsy have been given a treat intended to make them relax and feel pampered.

The mothers were taken through body massage, pedicure and manicure and enjoyed a cocktail of dishes amidst soothing music.

Ms. Sylvia Kusi-Appouh, mother of a child with cerebral palsy, who organised the programme, said she knew what the mothers went through so she felt the need to make them feel pampered.

The event, dubbed: “Respite,” brought together about 25 mothers of children with cerebral palsy to share experiences and have fun while learning from one another.

Many of the mothers who attended the event were full of praise for Ms. Kusi-Appouh, her family and friends for making the event a success and called for more of such events.

Ms Kusi-Appouh expressed gratitude to Malom Foods, Rubies House of Beauty and Serwaa Bags for their support.

Source: GNA/