Benard Mornah
Benard Mornah

“I wish that if we had authority we would have immediately sacked those who are currently in the affairs at TOR”.

Benard Mornah
Benard Mornah

His call comes in the wake of failed attempts to revamp the refinery for the country to process crude as the country produces crude oil in commercial quantities.


Speaking at a forum in Accra organized by Penplusbytes, an oil and gas NGO on Friday 12th February, 2016 Mr Mornah indicated that “it appears that it is deliberate to ensure that TOR does not operate very well so that it can be privatized or sold out”.

“This has been done to most state institutions in the past and the consequence is that we have lost jobs and we have suffered as a people,” he lamented.

According to him TOR has the capacity to be fully functional but it appears that some rigidities and over employment at the facility has resulted in over expense which is contributing to the collapse of the refinery.

“if you go and see the workforce in TOR and then the work available it is clear that we have provided so much jobs for the boys when in fact there is no job to be done and all these are adding to the expenditure of TOR thereby collapsing that particular institution”.

He strongly believes that “we can’t be importing refined oil when we have the capacity to refine it in Ghana. We think that TOR should be retooled and those who are there, if they do not have the capacity, they should bring appropriate and efficient capacity to make sure that it functions”.



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