Nsawam Water crisis
Water crisis

According to global charity, Water Aid Ghana, (W,A,G); Coalition of NGOs in Water and Sanitation (CONIWAS) and the Ghana Watsan Journalists Network (GWJN) the high increase in tariff will only aggravate an already difficult situation.

Nsawam Water crisis
Water crisis
The Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC) increased water tariffs by 62 percent in December.

The stakeholders however urged government to reduce the water tariffs considerably to avoid its undesirable implications on health and the general wellbeing of all, especially of marginalized people living with low incomes.

. Such increases may:Discourage the practice of good hygiene behavior like hand washing at critical times, if people cannot afford to buy water; and Negatively affect the health care system as many health care facilities do not have adequate access to water; many hospitals already do not have adequate WASH access

The partners argued that the increase could also compel people to compromise their health by resorting to the use of unsafe water; as well as enable water vendors including water tanker services to exploit the situation to the disadvantage of low income individuals and communities

Instead of such astronomical tariff hikes WaterAid and its partners urged the Ghana Water Company (GWCL) to pay more attention to addressing the challenges that diminish it’s revenue such as broken and leaking pipes as well as water theft which costs the company about 12 million Ghana cedis or 3.2 million U.S Dollars monthly.

The coalition lauded the government for taking the initiative to change the situation with its bold plan to realize universal access to water by 2025, which it believed was achievable.

“This can be done. However, it will take the government’s prioritizing the allocation of resources to the water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) sectors and ensuring that they are disbursed in a timely and predictable manner, adequate to the task and in the appropriate amount.,” the partners stressed.

Meanwhile concerns have been raised about the bad weather conditions since last year which has seen a drastic reduction in rainfall in the country bearing in mind that with such low rainfalls water bodies which serve as sources of raw water for treatement could dry up. Enditem.

Source: Xinhua


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