Sharepoint Calendar Rollup is an add-on that gives users the ability to collect multiple calendars into one.

To maximize work efficiency, one must set up a tight yet realistic work schedule? Preferably one would need a scheduler that enables one to gather everything that needs to be done in a simple way in one single place. The Sharepoint software family certainly includes a Calendar program but many users have found it lacking in options.

SharepointBoost has developed an add-on to Sharepoint Calendar called Sharepoint Calendar Rollup. This software greatly expands the possibilities of the default Sharepoint Calendar by allowing for organizing and viewing Calendars by compiling multiple Calendars of an unlimited number of sources into one central view.

The out-of-the-box version of Sharepoint Calendar can on the other hand only add up to ten.

The integration of Sharepoint and Microsoft Exchange Calendar is an often heard demand and Sharepoint Calendar Rollup meets this demand, in addition to this calendars such as Google Calendar can be imported into this user-friendly add-on, events can easily reorganized by simply dragging and dropping and are instantly synced to the original source. To avoid confusion, different color codes can be assigned to each and every calendar, business schedules and be differentiated from personal plans.

Furthermore this powerful add-on offers the ability to collect external content data, to collect Exchange (OWA) calendar making it a very useful tool for team scheduling, planning and management in Sharepoint.

Sharepoint Calendar Rollup adds features at a glance:

Collect External Content type data Collect Google calendar Collect Exchange (OWA) calendar Display Tool Tip with additional SharePoint column Drag and drop event to edit date or time Permission from other users to edit web part Collect SharePoint list/library to a calendar web part Color code items based on calendar sources Print calendar

In addition to English, Japanese and German language versions are available. It works not only with Microsoft Internet Explorer but Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome as well.

With Sharepoint Calendar Rollup you can thus organize all your events, business and personal on a single Sharepoint window eliminating the need for having to change between programs.

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