Kalungu West MP Joseph Sewungu signs to impeach the President as his colleagues wait in queue at Parliament on Wednesday. Photo by G. Sseruyange

By close of yesterday, the opposition said it had collected about 40 signatures but Daily Monitor could verify only 30.

“We are on course and people are signing on our impeachment petition. NRM MPs say they will sign later,” said Lubaga South MP Ken Lukyamuzi, who is one of the lead petitioners.

By yesterday, Mr Lukyamuzi and Aruu County MP Odonga Otto had collected five and eight signatures respectively while Kyaddondo East MP Ibrahim Ssemuju had collected only two. Bukholi Central MP Wafula Oguttu had gathered eight signatures and Bernard Atiku (Ayivu County) had seven signatures.

In a closed-door opposition meeting yesterday, Mr Ssemuju was appointed coordinator of the impeachment process while other MPs were tasked to gather signatures according to regions.

Mr Joseph Sewungu (Kalungu West) boasted of having gathered 15 signatures but we could not access his list as it was reportedly locked up in his office.

“The grounds the opposition is raising are weak and the exercise will be futile and besides that, they will not get the quorum to push through their petition,” said NRM Deputy Chief Whip David Bahati.

Rwampara County MP Vincent Kyamadidi said the opposition was being diversionary.

The opposition on Wednesday signed on a petition to impeach President Museveni.

They launched the impeachment process which requires at least one-third of Parliament’s 386 members to sign for it to progress. They accuse President Museveni of committing economic crimes.

They accuse President Museveni of committing economic crimes.

The MPs also want President Museveni to take responsibility for the withdrawal of $735 million (Shs1.7 trillion) from Bank of Uganda to buy fighter jets and other military hardware without prior parliamentary approval.

Information minister Karooro Okurut commenting on President Museveni’s listed crimes, defended him saying the opposition must prove their allegations.

“On corruption, those who were found guilty have left their offices after the intervention of President Museveni. He could not act on rumours to fire the Prime Minister (Amama Mbabazi) and Mr Hilary Onek (Internal Affairs),” Ms Karooro said.

The two ministers are accused of taking bribes in oil deals.

She said unemployment is a global problem whose solution is industrialisation.

Abusing funds.The legislators accuse the President of diverting over Shs100b from a grant to purchase a presidential jet without parliamentary approval. Disrespect. Disregarding MPs by allowing PM Amama Mbabazi and Internal Affairs Minister Hilary Onek, who were accused of taking oil bribes to continue working.

Block. Frustrating the prosecution of individuals who caused financial loss.

By Mercy Nalugo, Daily Monitor


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