Women riding
Women riding

For centuries, Atebubu, the capital of the Atebubu Amanten District of the Brong Ahafo Region, has been known for its brisk commercial activities, especially in the yam business.

Women riding
Women riding
The town serves as a central economic hub for neighbouring communities such as Aboa, Wiase, Mframa, Nyomoase and Amanten, hence, making the major highway in the town a very busy one.

However, a first-timer to the town might think that owning a motorcycle or a bicycle is a requirement to stay there or better still obtain a resident?s permit.

It is amazing how young girls and women as old as 70, ride these bikes with ease.

They are mostly seen with pillion passengers who usually sit sideways in order not to expose their under garments as most of them are usually in skirts or wrappers.

Countless of these women were captured by the roving cameraman of The Mirror with their babies tied to their backs as they went about their normal duties.

They mostly prefer the bicycles with baskets in front which could contain their wares.
Unlike their men, the women fancy bikes without crossbars which make it easy for them to climb and get down because of the way they usually dress.

No wonder, one can easily count the pockets of taxis that operate in the district.

There is a boom in bicycle trade with more shops dealing in the bikes, while repair joints are springing up creating more economic activities.

Excited 16-year-old, Rebecca Ntim, who was seen riding with her little sister at her back told The Mirror that her father bought the bicycle for the entire family.

?I have taught my mum and my elder sister how to ride and they normally go to the market with it,” she pointed out smiling.

Some of these riders were seen in groups chatting while plying the streets.

It is however not all fun as extra energy is required to ride under the scorching sun and more importantly when climbing the hilly portions of the road.

Many of the women riders were seen pushing their bikes to a level ground where they could comfortably ride.
Ignorantly, most children are made to sit at the back with their legs hanging dangerously around the spokes of the tyres.

Surprisingly, none of these riders were seen wearing crash helmets, a situation which would be disastrous should there be an accident.

Source : graphic.com.gh


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